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Simultaneous teaching games for free!

06-11-2010 18:17

Wbaduk offers teaching games for everyone.

14 teachers including 8 professionals are here waiting for you!
Come and improve your Baduk!


















¡Ø Wbaduk teachers work for the globalization of Baduk in abroad, supported by Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea and Korea Amateur Baduk Association.

¡Ø How can I have a teaching game?

  Wbaduk instructors will
 make simultaneous game rooms.
  (their WBaduk ID are their names on the schedule) 
  Find the simultaneous game room on Wbaduk server, and join it!
  All you have to do is to request a match to the teacher.

¡Ø How to request a game to the teacher?

   1. Join the simultaneous game room.
   2. Click on the teacher ID in the teaching room 
      (teaching room is on the right-middle side of the program)
   3. Request a match!

¡Ø It is first come, first serve.

¡Ø The schedule can be changed.

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WBaduk Ranking
WBaduk Ranking
1 taikyoku48 7D★ RP : 35,999
2 j6846 7D★ RP : 35,950
3 ningjian98 7D★ RP : 35,950
4 leia1919 7D★ RP : 35,950
5 csnow 7D★ RP : 35,944
6 ys0820 7D★ RP : 35,438
7 daniuer 7D★ RP : 35,285
8 pppc110 7D★ RP : 35,255
9 kbslsh 7D★ RP : 35,203
10 wederson 7D★ RP : 35,185
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