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Frequently Asked Questions
<1> These are the Ten most Frequently Asked Questions:
I can't see anything when I log-in to the client(program).
When the internet connection is not stable, it takes time to connect to the server.
When it happens, click [Re-Join] button, and try again.
It will work soon.
[Re-Join] button is on the right side of the client(program)
I can’t remember the password for the ID I had registered with.
If you know the email address you have registered with us when you signed up for the membership,
you can find the lost password using the find password function.
The connection to the server is failed suddenly.
If the connection suddenly failed which did not usually have any problems, there can be reasons as follows.

1. Circuit failure
If the internet circuit suddenly did not work or the condition is not good, you can connect to the server after the circuit is restored.

2. If the program is not updated
When you run the program after a long time, if the program automatic update is not activated, you cannot connect to the server. You can click the Download button and install the program again.

3. Incorrect password
As for password, capital letters and small letters are recognized differently. If the “Caps Lock” key is on when you enter your password, your password is changed to capital letters. If your password consists of small letters, you should turn off “Caps Lock.”

4. Firewall
There can either be a high-level firewall that you set up on your personal computer or a company firewall in case that you are using a computer at work. If you are using a computer at work, you can ask the company system operator to open the following port.
*The port number is 7447, 7002.

*If you are using your personal computer, choose “Exceptions” tap at Setup-Control Panel-Windows Firewalls and check Upcheck.exe as an exceptional item.

5. Incorrect password digit The maximum password digit is 8.

Do you have a problem with registration or log-in?
◎ I do not know my password.
Your password has been sent to your Email, so check your Email.
There will be your temporary password.
After logging in with the one, you can change it in User Info.

◎ I did not get the registration Email.
Check, if the Email filtered as spam.
If you still can not find it, please contact us by admin@wbaduk.com
We will happily help you. (ID, Name, Nationality are needed)

◎ My account disappeared!
If an account has not been logged in within the next seven days after
registration, it will be deleted.

Please register again!
It is available to use your ID and Email which you have used before.
Disconnected from server during playing a game?
When disconnected from server during playing a game, the game room will exist for 5 minutes
unless the opponent goes out of the room.

To continue the game, reconnect and get into the server where the game is; be careful, there are 8 servers.
<2> Do you need more details? Email WBaduk
wbaduk.com This web site made under the auspices of "the Ministry of Culture Sports And Tourism Republic Of Korea"
and "Seoul Olympic Sports Promotion Foundation."