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We are proud to announce that WBaduk will broadcast(transmission) the 1st European pro qualification tournament!
Don’t miss live-comment!
information Official tournament website by EGF
  16 amateur players, all citizens of a member country of the EGF, play a special tournament, which is under the lead of the EGF. This tournament is part of the cooperation between the EGF and CEGO. It is the goal of this tournament to certify finally two players as “New European Professionals” (NEP) by the EGF in 2014, as the beginning of a complete Professional System in Europe.
Tournament overview :
Three days, Strasbourg, 23rd May, Amstelveen, 29th May, Vienna, 20th June
6 rounds Swiss system, with double elimination, 2 games per day
90 minutes per player, Canadian byoyomi, Chinese rules, 7.5 komi
First NEP after 4 wins with 4:0 score
Second NEP after 6 rounds with 5:1 score
Status “Professional Player, certified by EGF” valid from 1st August 2014 on

About players :
EGF invitation details
  - 4 players from European Championship 2013 (only top 4 eligible)
- 1 player from World Amateur Go Championship 2013
- 1 player from student-group (Beijing Sep 2013 - Feb 2014)
- 2 wildcards for EGF and CEGO
- 8 players from EGD, maximum of 1st quarter 2014 counts
Age limit: Under 40 on 23rd May 2014
Format and Rules
Round 1 : Friday, May 23rd, 9:00 (Strasbourg, France) Live comment from 10:00
Round 2 : Friday, May 23rd, 14:00 (Strasbourg, France) Live comment from 10:00
Round 3 : Thursday, May 29th, 9:00 (Amstelveen, Netherlands)
Round 4 : Thursday, May 29th, 14:00 (Amstelveen, Netherlands)
Round 5 : Thursday, June 20th, 10:00 (Vienna, Austria)
Round 6 : Thursday, June 20th, 15:00 (Vienna, Austria)
# European Central Standard Time(GMT+1)
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