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Korea Amateur Baduk Association
Korea Baduk Association
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* President of Organizing Committee

Chairman of Korea Amateur Baduk(Go) Assocaition
Hong, Seok-hyun

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
I would like to begin by congratulating the opening of the 9th Korea Prime Minister Cup International Amateur Baduk Championship.
I thank you all, our guests and representatives from around the world, for coming to this great annual event.
Baduk is often said to be a miniature of our lives. As the choices we make with each move of the stone determines the game, the decisions we make add up to form our lives.
Conversations, conflicts, and compromises arise time and again with the movement of the black and white stones. This is an intellectual game enjoyed by all regardless of age and gender. A game that transcends the barriers of nationality, language, and culture, spreading beyond Northeast Asia and winning fans around the world.
This Championship will be an opportunity to boost the level of the game in Korea while providing a platform to promote Korean culture in the world. Just as important, I hope it will result in goodwill and friendship among all of our contestants. I wish you all the best, that you may show off the full caliber of your skills through this Championship.
I would also like to express my deep appreciation to the organizers and staff members for all their hard work.
And lastly, I hope each and every one of you will make lasting memories here.
Thank you.

Director of Organizing Committee

Secretary General of Korea Baduk Association
Yang, Jae-ho
Secretary General of the Organizing Committee

Director of Korea Amateur Baduk Association
Cha, Jae-ho
Cheif Referee

Seo, Bong-soo 9P

Cho, Hye-yeon 9P
Cheif Referee

Kim, Sung-rae 5P

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