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2015 SAMSUNG FIRE&MARINE INSURANCE WORLD MASTERS BADUK preliminary for Asia section will be held on WBaduk.
South East Asia preliminary for Group world: 3 players selected
Participating Countries : Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Total 20 players, knock-out tournament
Organization : Korea Baduk Association
Sponsor : Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance co,. Ltd
How to play: Using WBaduk Client. When entered the WBaduk tournament server, games are automatically matched and started. (not personal invitation)
Rules : Even game, Dum: 6.5
Main time: 20minutes Overtime: 3 times of 30 seconds
Playing account : WBaduk provides specific accounts for this tournament; it will be discarded after the tournament.

  # Time forfeit
a. If a player does not show up to WBaduk tournament server within 10 minutes after the game start (by 21:10), the player loses the game by forfeit.
b. If a player is disconnected and does not log in within 5minutes, the player loses the game by forfeit.
c. If a player is disconnected more than 3 times, on 4th disconnection, the player loses the game by forfeit.
Preliminary R1(20 players) : 24, June, 2015, 21:00
Preliminary R2(10 players) : 25, June, 2014, 21:00
Preliminary R3(4 players) : 26, June, 2014, 21:00 (Korean Standard Time: GMP +9)
3 selected players takes part in the Final preliminary by Group World with 9 other representative players of each continent.
Final preliminary : 1st ~6th, August, 2015 in Korea Baduk Association

Final : 31th, August ~ 7th, September, Qingdao, China (After the preliminary, schedule will be later noticed personally)

If you have a problem with logging in for the tournament server, send a Facebook message to us! We will be online to help you. Facebook

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