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Korea Amateur Baduk Association
Korea Baduk Association
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Main Business

Main Business of the Korean Amateur Baduk Association
1. Organization and management of World Championships
  KABA held The 1st Korean Prime Minister’s Cup World Amateur Baduk Championship in 2006 and The 1st
Asian Amateur Baduk Championship in 2007 since then these tournaments have been held every year.
2. Organization and management of International Championships
  As a semi-member organization, the Korean Amateur Baduk Association asked the Korean Physical
Association to expand Baduk as a sport so they can hold various kinds of amateur tournaments.
Among them the National Games, athletic meetings in every city and province, besides these there are
tournaments held for amateurs, general players, females, students and children.
3. Increasing the membership of Baduk coaches, refrees and improving various kinds of system
  For a systematical Baduk education the KABA is reinforcing the organization of Baduk coaches, and they
are trying to fix the fairness of game events by increasing the number of referees. Moreover,
the amateur kyu/dan recognition, and also the improvement of various Baduk administration systems is being
progressively promoted.
4. Nationwide Baduk-spreading and controlling the country(side) associations
. KABA established 16 associations in cities and provinces for all the Baduk fans across the country and promoting
various kinds of spreading.
5. Controlling Each Affiliated Association
  The KABA is trying to develop each section of the affiliated associations harmoniously(Korean Baduk Association
of University Players, Korean Baduk Association of Elementary School Players, Korean Baduk Association of
Secondary-High School Players, Korean Baduk Association of Female Players).
For other amateur Baduk related projects and Baduk-spreading various projects are being planed
and progressing.

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