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Tbroad is ahead by 1 to 1 against Posco
2016 KB Baduk League, first match of championshipTbroad team beats Posco team by 3 to 1 Tbroad seems to get closer to 3 years consecutive wins of Baduk league by today's ...
Published : 12-02-2016 [33]
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[South Korea] Tbroad is ahead by 1 to 1 against Posco 12-02-16
[South Korea] Ke Jie vs Thi Jiaxi in Samsung cup 11-30-16
[] AI vs top players 11-30-16
[USA] A Few Words on Greed 11-29-16
[South Korea] Park Junghwan 9P took first win for Korea 11-29-16
[South Korea] Pan Tingyu's way to end in Nongsim cup 11-28-16
[South Korea] Pan Tingyu's new record 11-27-16
[South Korea] Kim Jisuk is ready for Pan Tingyu 11-26-16
[South Korea] Kang Dongyun out by Pan Tingyu 11-25-16
[South Korea] Oh vs Oh in Women Kooksu cup 11-24-16
Lecture Test room

21th GS Cup final 2
(04-15 / Yun Chanhee (Yun.C.H) : Lee Dong-hoon)
21th GS Cup final 1
(04-14 / Lee Dong-hoon : Yun Chanhee (Yun.C.H))
11th Chunlan last 16
(03-28 / Park Jeong Hwan : Mi Yu Ting)
11th Chunlan last 16
(03-28 / Park Younghoon(Park.Y.H) : Zhou Rui Yang(Zhou.R.Y))
11th Chunlan last 16
(03-28 / Kim Ji Seok : Chen Yaoye(Chen.Y.Y))
20th LG Cup final 2
(02-03 / Park Younghoon(Park.Y.H) : Kang Dongyun(Kang.D.Y))
Today's Lecture
Chance for Black (Black's turn)
Lecture 1482
Where is weakness 3
Avoid the Shortage of Liberties
Avoid Pae
Expanding the Shape or?
Lecture 36-1
Where's the best move?(52)
Baduk in KOREA
An Example of Baduk
Some Rules in Brief
Some Capture Skills
Some Questions
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