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Top 10 Amateur Baduk News of 2017, selected by Korea Baduk Federation
The Korea Amateur Baduk community has been festive with National Sports Festival, National Junior Sports Festival and National Baduk League along with newly established The 1st Korean Sport &Olympic C...
Published : 12-26-2017 [359]
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[] Top 10 Amateur Baduk News of 2017, selected by Korea Baduk Federation 12-26-17
[] The 1st Asian Female Baduk Tournament 11-14-17
[] Post Season for the 2017 National League Begins! 10-19-17
[] The 12th KPMC Finishes… See You Again Next Year in Buan! 09-26-17
[] The 12th Korea Prime Minister Cup International Amateur Baduk Championship 09-20-17
[] 17th Hanwha Life World Children Baduk Championship 07-27-17
[] 2017 Minstry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Cup National Students Baduk Tournament 06-25-17
[] 46th National Junior Sports Festival to be held in Yesan, Chungcheongnam-do 05-29-17
[] The 6th Ilyo News Cup National Children’s Baduk Tournament 05-03-17
[] 2017 Korean National Baduk League Opens on April 15th! 04-13-17
Lecture Test room

2016 Samsung Cup Final 3
(12-08 / Tuo Jia Xi(Tuo.J.X) : Ke Jie )
2016 Samsung Cup Final 2
(12-07 / Ke Jie : Tuo Jia Xi(Tuo.J.X))
2016 Samsung Cup Final 1
(12-06 / Tuo Jia Xi(Tuo.J.X) : Ke Jie )
2016 Women League final
(06-02 / Oh Yujin : Choi Jeong)
2016 Women League final
(06-02 / Yu zhiying : Park Tae Hi)
21th LG Cup round of 16
(06-01 / Peng Li Yao(Peng.L.Y) : Choi Jeong)
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