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Cho HunHeun vs Cho ChiHun
           Cho HunHeun vs Cho ChiHun  [Issue]           As an main event of 70th anniversary of Kore...
Published : 07-27-2015 [169]
News Free board Baduk clinic
[South Korea] Cho HunHeun vs Cho ChiHun 07-27-15
[South Korea] Park JungHwan gots first lose against Kim HunChan 07-25-15
[South Korea] Won SungJin is back from KPI 07-24-15
[South Korea] Min SangYun, Bak ChanHee and Choi ChelHan got tictks for NongSim Cup 07-21-15
[South Korea] Yun JunSang is a key player for Kixx 07-19-15
[South Korea] Lee SeDol beats Lee DongHun and ShinAn team won 07-18-15
[South Korea] Posco is arising again 07-16-15
[South Korea] Seo BongSoo meets with Shin JinSeo in the round 4 of NongSim Cup 07-15-15
[South Korea] Kim SooYoung left last player from senior 07-13-15
[Japan] Cho ChiHun 59 year old won his 74th title. 07-12-15
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2015 K-C Future_Center of Heaven R2
(06-18 / Ke Jie : Lee Dong-hoon)
2015 K-C Future_Center of Heaven R1
(06-17 / Ke Jie : Shin Min-joon)
2nd Bailing Cup final 5
(01-14 / Ke Jie : Qiu Jun(Qiu.J))
2nd Bailing Cup final 4
(01-13 / Ke Jie : Qiu Jun(Qiu.J))
2nd Bailing Cup final 3
(01-11 / Qiu Jun(Qiu.J) : Ke Jie )
4th Meijin of the World final
(01-08 / Iyama Yuta(Y.Iyama) : Chen Yaoye(Chen.Y.Y))
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Maek for Reducing the Corner
Lecture 73-1
11th Dia. Actual game
Lecture 1651
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Where should White play?
Lecture 548
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