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Published : 10-10-2013 [10630]
News Free board Baduk clinic
[South Korea] JungGhanJang Team is in the final of the championship in 2014 KB Baduk League. 11-24-14
[USA] Portland Grade Schoolers Shine 11-23-14
[South Korea] Lee SeDol is with imitation game 11-22-14
[USA] Daniel Chou Tops UMBC Tourney 11-20-14
[South Korea] Park JungHwan vs Kim JiSuk in the final of LG Cup 11-19-14
[South Korea] Lee SeDol vs Kang DongYun for Let’s Run Park Cup 11-18-14
[South Korea] Korea decided to win LG Cup this year 11-17-14
[USA] Twin Cities Baduk Club (1): Helping Connect Kids to their Culture 11-13-14
[South Korea] Park YoungHun grips MyongIn title 11-11-14
[USA] Davis-Sacramento Club Featured on Local Network TV 11-10-14
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10 game(Sedol vs Guli) 06
(07-27 / Lee Sedol(Lee.S.D) : Gu Li(Gu.L))
10 game(Sedol vs Guli) 07
(08-31 / Gu Li(Gu.L) : Lee Sedol(Lee.S.D))
10 game(Sedol vs Guli) 08
(09-28 / Lee Sedol(Lee.S.D) : Gu Li(Gu.L))
The 19th LG Cup Round 16
(06-11 / Choi Cheol Han(Choi.C.H) : Xie He(Xie.H))
The 19th LG Cup Round 16
(06-11 / Park Jeong Hwan : Tang Wei Xing(Tang.W.X))
The 19th LG Cup Round 16
(06-11 / Ding shixiong : Xie erhao)
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Lecture 41-3
6th Dia. Good for White
Lecture 2-1
Where should Black play?
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