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KE Jie regains China No.1 ranking from Mi Yuting

chae YG / 2018-12-03

KE Jie 9p takes top spot over Mi yuting in December ranking. According to rankings recently released by Chinese Weiqi Association, KE Jie 9p was ranked as No. 1 with 2,707 points by surpassing MI Yuting's 2,698.

"I don't mind being 2nd , Maintaining top rank, I always get chased by others."

KE recalled last month when MI took over his throne. But KE has returned to be No.1 player again after only one month. Before MI, KE has been at the top for 37 consecutive weeks. 

These rankings were released after counting the accumulated points according to the game results from November to December. During this period, KE gained many points by receiving 2nd place in both TWT championship and Nanga championship, and hopefully he will earn more points in upcoming final round of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Cup (vs. AHN Ku

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WBaduk Ranking
1 phg1130 7D★ RP : 291,170
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