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LEE Sedol 9P, Lost to 'natural enemy' Ke Jie 9P

[BloodLand Cup]

Jhang Ho-Jung / 2019-03-06

▲ Ke Jie - Lee Sedol

LEE Sedol 9P lost to 'natural enemy' KE Jie 9P

In the Event Match for 100th anniversary of March 1st Independence Movement held at the Ruby Hall on the 22nd floor of the Plaza Hotel, located in Jung-gu, Seoul, LEE Sedol 9P lost Ke Jie 9P by resignation in just 156 moves.

Starting with the launch of Kim Byung-soon, a descendant of an independence activist who was in charge of the honor, LEE Sedol 9P opened with a thick opening. Because of LEE's thick influence and KE's speedy shinogi, the opening was tight, but KE's sharp tesuji(62) made himself led the game.
LEE did counterattack, but it made the situation worse and KE got a lead. After that, LEE made the game more complicated, but KE blocked it with a perfect finish and won the game. Because of this loss, a gap between LEE Sedol and KE Jie is 5 wins and 12 losses.

In a award after the match, KE Jie who won this match got the prize money 60 millions and LEE Sedol who lost, got the prize money 20 millions.

KE said, "i satisfied with a game content and result. Since I was young, i have studied Baduk with LEE Sedol 9P's game records and I want to play Baduk like LEE Sedol 9P. I think it would be nice to keep up the game step by step."


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