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Ke Jie, The First Champion of the Yong Sung Cup

A perfect win to Ichiriki Ryo in the final

Jhang Ho-Jung / 2019-04-17

▲ Ichiriki Ryo(Japan) - Ke Jie(China) win

Ke Jie 9P in China became the first champion in YongSung Cup.

YongSung Cup in Korea, China, Japan is a competition that after the YongSung Cup,same title,
in Korea, China, Japan respectively, the champions in each countries compete with each other.

In the last 11th, Ke Jie lost to Ichiriki Ryo in the 1round
and the way to win the championship was lost. 
However, in the 2round, Kim Jiseok lost to Ke Jie and the final became a return match
between Ke Jie and Ichiriki Ryo. It will be hard to happen a miracle again. it was true.
Ke Jie didn't lose to Ichiriki Ryo again.

In the 13th, the first final of YongSung Cup, Ke Jie won to Ichiriki Ryo by resignation.
In the result, Ke Jie is first, Ichiriki Ryo is 2th and Kim Jiseok is 3rd.


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