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Kim Jiseok pressed Ke Jie by tesuji.

China A League 6R

Jhang Ho-Jung / 2019-06-03

▲ Ke Jie - Kim Jiseok(Win)

Kim Jiseok 9P overwhelmed Ke Jie 9P by playing wonderful tesuji in China A League.


In 1st of June, China A League 6R was held in China. In Zhejiang Province, Kim Jiseok won Ke Jie by 1.5 points.

He overwhelmed Ke Jie by showing many tesujis. After the middlegame, the situation went to be close but, he didn't miss a victory.


Kim Jiseok showed a bad conditon in GS Cup and had a record 1 win and 4 losses in China A League. In LG Cup, However, he went up to quaterfinals and was getting a good condition by pressing Ke Jie in China A League. Kim Jiseok is ahead of 7 wins and 5 losses.


Kim Jiseok

Ke Jie

Ke Jie tried to attack white stones by playing 1. White usually plays A, he didn't reinforce and showed confidence.

White played 2,4 and got some points in upper right side. then Ke Jie played 5 to attack white stones.

After some moves, White played 1. In white 7, Black can only play 8.

Kim Jiseok cut by 1 and connected by 3 and it was a tesuji. there are two options between A(atari) and B(stretch)

Ke Jie played 1 to save it then Kim Jiseok played 2 and Ke Jie had to connect by 3. finally, White lived by 4. there is a scene that can see Kim Jieseok's sense.

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