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Cho Hoon-hyun proposed the establishment of the Korea Baduk Promotion Center

Yoon Wook / 2019-07-02

▲ Cho Hoon-hyun proposing

Cho Hoon-hyun of the Liberty Korea Party proposed a revision to the Baduk Promotion Act on the 2nd (bill number 2021248), which calls for the establishment of the Korea Baduk Promotion Center, which will be in charge of future Baduk promotion projects, in accordance with the enactment of the Baduk Promotion Act.

According to law revisions, the Baduk Promotion Center will be established as a corporation to efficiently support the preservation and promotion of Baduk and was authorized by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism to register its establishment.

As for the projects, seven other projects needed to achieve the purpose of the establishment of the Promotion Center, including research and research projects for the promotion of Baduk, fostering and supporting industries related to the Baduk, projects related to education and training of the Baduk leader, and support projects for the promotion of Baduk related international exchange and cooperation projects.

The director and auditor of the Promotion Center were appointed by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the director was approved by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Cho Hoon-hyun said, "The Korean Baduk community has been undergoing drastic changes recently due to the influence of artificial intelligence Baduk and China. In addition to Baduk skills, the importance of the experience value of playing Baduk is growing day by day, and I think it is necessary to establish a specialized Center to change the Baduk policy and take charge of promotion projects in response to this.

"In particular, we should consider establishing an institute to carry out policy tasks such as the development and implementation of mid-term and long-term projects." he said.

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