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The new KBF's president

Lee, Semi / 2022-03-08

The president of Pyeongang oriental medical clinic 'Seo Hyoseok'(76),  
became the new president of KBF. 

KBF's president election was held for 2 days, on March 4th and 5th 'Seo Hyoseok', the president of Pyeongang oriental medical clinic ran for the sole candidate. 

To describe his experience, he has graduated Kyunghee University majored in department of oriental medicine, used to be the advisor of KBF, KBA's director, etc.

His baduk level is 6dan, and made a comment as the new president of KBF "I will try my best to make the effective future plans for baduk, stabilize KBF's econmical status, and communicate for baduk world's harmony. 


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WBaduk Ranking
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