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Jin-seo Shin won GS Caltex Cup, the first 5th consecutive title in Championship Game

Lee, Semi / 2022-08-24

Jin-seo Shin (9D) won the GS Caltex Cup and accomplished his fifth consecutive title in the tournament by winning the final return match against Sang-il Byun (9D) once again.

He accomplished the perfect 3-0 overall title in the third round of the 27th Caltex Cup Professional Game final held at the Baduk TV Studio of KBA on the 22nd.
With the championship, Jin-seo Shin, who won the GS Caltex Cup five times in a row, set a new record for the most consecutive winning in the title.

The previous record was four consecutive championships set by Chang-ho Lee (9D) from 1996 to 1999.
Mr. Shin made a tie by winning the GS Caltex Cup last year, and broke the record for the most consecutive championships in 23 years through this tournament.
Unlike the challenge that the champion waits for the challenger in the final, it is not easy to record consecutive championships as the champion also has to step up one by one in the Championship Game. 

In an interview after the triumph, Mr. Shin said, 
"I am really pleased to win the GS Caltex Cup as I have had a desire to win the championship in the tournament which has a deep connection with me. It would be undeniable that I have the passion to accomplish the record, and I believe it motivated me to make a new record."

He also never forgets to appreciate his fans by saying, 
"There would be no need to say that winning the world championship is very important, but I think the domestic tournaments are the roots of the Korea Baduk Association. I sincerely appreciate fans who have always cheered me up in many tournaments including the GS Caltex Cup, and it is my goal to show them 'Interesting Baduk' in the future. As it's been a long time since I met my fans, I sincerely hope there will be an opportunity to be with them soon."

The championship prize money for the 27th GS Caltex Cup Professional Game, which is co-hosted by Maeil Business Newspaper, MBN, and KBA under the sponsorship of GS Caltex, is 70 million won (KRW) and the prize for runner-up is 30 million won.
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