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'Asian Peace Student Baduk Competition' held in Taebaek City

About 300 players from 5 countries participated

Lee, Semi / 2022-12-04

'2022 Asian Peace Student Baduk Competition, which is hosted by Gangwon Baduk Association (GBA) and organized by the Korea Youth Baduk Association (KYBA), Taebaek City Baduk Association (TCBA), and the Taebaek City Sports Association (TCSA), was held at Gowon Gymnasium in Taebaek City on the 3rd.

The opening ceremony was attended and celebrated by Taebaek Deputy Mayor of dong-gu HAN, Chang-bo SIM, Yeon-tae JEONG, Joon-yeol KANG, vice president of the Korea Baduk Federation (KBF), Kyu-sun LIM, secretary general of the GBA, Sang-ro LEE, president of TCBA, and Jae-sung SIM, president of the Taebaek Education Office. 

The competition, which was participated by 300 players from Asian countries such as Korea, Thailand, Singapore, and Japan, had eight divided parts (elementary Strongest, elementary Dan, Lower&Upper Grade, Promising Kid, Sprout, Rising Star, and Kindergarten) in Taebaek City for the first time this year.

Taebaek Vice Mayor, Mr. Han said, "This competition would be a great opportunity for students from Asian countries with different cultures and languages to unite as one through Baduk," adding, "I hope students from Asian countries could enjoy Taebaek tourist attractions and food together with great memories."

An official from Taebaek City said, "With the 2022 Asian Peace Student Baduk Competition, Taebaek City successfully completed 59 national and provincial sports competitions and contributed greatly to revitalizing the local economy."

He added, "Next year, we will also do our best to attract various sports competitions and off-season training teams to revitalize the local economy."



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