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Na Hun overcomes his weakness.
Asia South Korea Professional Published : 2013-06-13

Na Hun overcomes his weakness.


[Korea Price Information Cup]

Na Hun who was borned in 1995 in Korea has got peoples attention since he became a pro. He is very strong in judgment and end game which makes him have high winning rate when the game goes closed. But his weakness is that he has low winning rate against players who is strong in reading. Especially Na Hun has bad results against players like Kang YuTak who pushes opponent with accurate reading and power.

Na Hun won against Kang YuTak by resign with white in 9th Korea Price Information Cup on 13th July. Kang YuTak knows Na Huns weakness and pushed him from the beginning with reading. And the game went as Kang YuTak wanted to be. But Kang YuTak lost to see whole board while Na Hun judged accurately. When Kang YuTak succeeded in capturing Na Huns big group, Na Hun sacrificed it and made big territory on the other side. This shows why Na Hun is so strong in judgment.

Kim YoungSam 9Dan commented that Na Huns judgment is so accurate like Lee ChangHo 9Dan and Park YoungHun 9Dan. But he cant become top pros with only one this talent. He should improve other areas to become top pros in the future.

ۡ Kim HyongWoo won against Choi ChelHan

After this game, there was a game between Kim HyongWoo and Choi ChelHan. Kim HyongWoo isnt a new player in Korea but he is not very famous before. But he won against Kang DongYun and this game won against Choi ChelHan 9Dan which surprised people.

Kim HyongWoo did not behind against Choi ChelHan from the beginning and decided the center as he wanted to be and arranged the game well. Choi ChelHan 9Dan failed to be in round 8 as he lost two players Park SeongChel and Kim HyongWoo. Kim HyongWoo will meed Park SeongChel to get a ticket for round 8.

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