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Writer : Akaboshi Intetsu from Japan
Recommended level : over Wbaduk 7D
A number of problems : 800 problem
This book is a posthumous work from Akaboshi Intetsu in Japan. The numbers of problems are the smelliest among 6 classic life and death books. It is mostly based on actual problem; it includes very interesting problems which covers whole board. It is recommended for Wbaduk 7D★ who want to solve interesting problems for fun.
Selection of problem
Challenge by
Life and death Endgame Mack Etc
57 9 28 4
Indicated problem number is a number of problem updated soon.
- Wbaduk provides all Wbaduk users with 3000 problems from 6 classic life and death books.
- This service is produced based on flash.
- A number of user’s challenge for each problem is reflected on a percentage of correct answers.
- Checker problem are provided which is applied from original books.
- Life and death : life and death of stone.
- Mack : The point of clue to try moves in shape.
- Endgame : The stage to settle territories in the last of game.
- Etc : Special types

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