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Client Manual

If you want to play or observe a game, you should join first. After completing the registration and downloading
the WBaduk client, connect to the service. Then, you can enjoy Baduk.
- Supporting OS : Window 98, Window Me, Window 2000, Window XP, Windows 7.
(May not working in Macintosh or Linux system)

1. Wating Room
When you click ‘login’ button after inputting ID and password, you are connected to the waiting room (initial screen).

Function 1
Server If you click this button, the list of other servers you can move to is displayed. If you double-click the server you want to move to, it moves to the corresponding server.
Setting You can set up various functions related to WBaduk Client (color, Baduk board, invitation to a game,
message, Gibo (game records), explanation, memo, sound and etc.)
Gibo You can view the Gibos (game records) saved in my computer and other players’ Gibos saved on the server.

Function 2

(If you click each item with your mouse, the related information is automatically lined up.)
Number : Room numbers
Stat. : Room statuses
Users : The numbers of users in each room
Black : Black Player
White : White Player
Info : Game Information
Pts. : Total Betting Points accumulated up to now in each room in case of betting rooms
Title : The titles of each room

(If you click each item with your mouse, the related information is automatically lined up.)
Waiting : The corresponding users’ ID’s
Level : The corresponding users’ strength lever
RP : The corresponding users’ ranking points
Win : The corresponding users’ numbers of victories
Lose : The corresponding users’ numbers of defeats
Room : The corresponding users’ locations or room numbers in case of users in a room.
Pts. : The corresponding users’ point ranks<
M : The corresponding users’ manners grades (A~C). If a user shows bad-mannered behavior, their manners grade
is adjusted to B or C.

Function 3
Find You can find other users on the server you are connected to. (If you input ‘/f ID’ on the dialog window, it informs you of as same information as above.)
Re-join If the server connection does not go very well, you can click ‘Re-join’ button and re-join in on
the server.
Making room It opens a room for you to play a 1:1 game with another player.
Tutor If there are professional players who open on-line game lessons, you can receive game lessons
playing the game with the professional players (in preparation).
Pair game It opens a room for a pair games that are N:N games many people make teams for and play while making a move in turn.
On-air Room You can open an audio broadcasting room (in preparation).

<Making room>

If you use “Making room,” you can set up the game options in various ways in which you could not set up the game
options by using the Automatic request.
(1) You can play regular games in the condition that the General/pair option is selected.
(2) If you make a room in the condition that the Pair game is selected, the game proceeds only when several people are in the room and you make the game request to other people.

Function 4
Home You can move to the main page of the WBaduk home page.
Plus It moves to the payment page that allows you to use the Plus service of WBaduk (in preparation).
Rank You can check the ranks of all users according to each strength level.
Board You can move to the board of the home page.
Problem You can solve questions prepared for each strength level.
Clubs It moves to the community sites grouped by each country and region (in preparation).

Function 5
My rating You can view your rating points and fluctuation graph.
Personal Profile You can check the corresponding user’s game results and rating points.
Macro chatting You can chat with people in the world using different languages with automatically translated simple messages.
Participants If you click the game room list with your mouse when the Participants option is selected, you can
check the IDs of people in a room conveniently.

2. Click option in waiting room
Clicking a user in the waiting list

If you click a specific user with your mouse, related options are displayed in a pop-up window.
If you press ‘Automatic Request’ button, game request messages are automatically delivered
to people whose strength levels are similar to yours. If your opponent who receives the game
request message agrees to the game, it moves to the settings for match requests step.

3. Settings for match Requests

Function 1
Rating game: In the condition that the match is set up as a Rating game, you cannot change some game conditions.
According to the results of Rating games, your ranking points increase or decrease. Free game: In the condition that the match is set up as a Free Game, you can change the game conditions freely. The results of Free Games do not affect your ranking points.

Function 2
Undo On Being in the condition that it is checked as “On,” you can use the Undo function during the game.
Memo On Being in the condition that it is checked as “On,” you can get messages from other users during the game.
Replay On Being in the condition that it is checked as “On,” you can use the Replay function during the game.
Estimate On Being in the condition that it is checked as “On,” you can use the Estimate function.

Function 3
This function can only be used when the game is a Free game and you can control the way of choosing colors and
the amount of the compensation.

Function 4
You can choose the way and the form of overtime counting.

4. Game room

Function 1
You can view the information about the conditions and the progress of the game that is in progress.

Function 2
You can view the players’ strength levels, remaining time, the number of sacrificed stones and the time limit.

Function 3
You can bet using the betting points you have while predicting which player is going to win or lose (services related
to betting points on the WBaduk Server will be planned to be provided later.).

Function 4
In the condition that you are watching a game, only the functions of Replay, Estimate, Diagram and Leave
are displayed. In the condition that you are playing the game, the below functions are displayed.

Pre-play : You can only Pre-play when you and your opponent allow “Pre-play on” in the settings for match
requests step.
Diagrams : You can send diagrams to other people in the game room.
Pass : If there are not any spots to place your stone, you can pass your turn with “Pass.” (Warning: If you want to do
the counting, you should press “Counting” button without pressing “Pass” button!)

Counting : It is used when you want to do the counting.
Estimate : The computer judges the rough overall situation. This function is not definite so you can only use it for
your information.
Stop Game : It is used when you want to stop the game. If a user abuses it not to admit the result of a game, their
manners grade will be demoted and there will be disadvantages when they use the services. Unless it is a special case,
you might as well not use it.
Resign : It is used if you admit defeat by resignation. If you confirm after clicking the button, the game ends

5. Counting

When the condition is changed from the game mode to the counting mode,
(1) Both the black player and the white player click on the sacrificed stones.
(2) If you click on places that are not anybody’s territories, it is marked with “X” marks and these places are not included when counting the territories.
(3) If you click “End game” in the condition that all sacrificed stones are marked in a normal way, the result of the game is displayed.

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