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WBaduk Baduk Client Install Guide

System Requirements
Operating system : MS windows series (In case of Macintosh, direct operation is not possible.)
Download Now

When you run the installation program you download, the below window comes out.

After checking the destination folder, click “Next” button.

When the installation is finished, the preferences setup window is run automatically. After selecting the color, click “Confirm” button.

After inputting your registered ID and password, click “login” button. The default server is for users in the English-speaking world. If you want be connected to servers of other countries such as Korea, China and Japan, click “login” button after changing the server selection.

If you are connected to the server in a normal way, you can view the above waiting room.
While you are being connected to the server, a message saying “checking user’s profile now” can come out. This message is to inform you that the client program is attempting network connection to the server. Normally, it moves to the data loading screen in a short while.
If the program does not respond more than 20 seconds, click “Re-join’ button in the right side of the screen and attempt reconnection.
If you are a user of Windows Vista or Windows 7, run the program at the operator mode when you run it first. In addition, if firewalls are set up in your computer, the connection is only possible when you remove the firewalls setup.

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