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The 1st Asian Female Baduk Tournament

China Comes 1st and Korea Comes 2nd in Both Individual and Team Tournaments

Diana / 2017-11-14

"Battles on the Board Among 10 Asian Countries and Territories to Finish in Celebration"

As a result of female amateur Baduk players' fierce competitions in the 1st Asian Female Baduk Tournament, China became the first champion in both individual and team tournaments. Korea was ranked 2nd places in both tournaments. 

Hosted by Jeonnam Daily News and Yeongam-gun, and organized by Korea Amateur Baduk Association, around 50 players from 10 countries and territories from Asia(Korea, China, Japan, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia) participated in the 1st Asian Female Baduk Tournament, in individual and team tournaments.

Held from 11th to 12th of November at Yeongam Indoor Sports Arena, LI Xuemeng from China won the championship for individual tournament. HONG Julie(20) from Korea came as 2nd place, LIN Hsiao-Tung(20) from Chinese Taipei and Tungalag RAVJIR(30 from Mongolia resulted in 3rd places.

China took the championship title for the team tournament as well. Chinese team with ZHOU Yao(19), CHEN Si(20), CHU Keer(15) came as the 1st place with 4 wins. Korean team with KANG Kyoung Nang(27), LEE Do Hyeon(16), CHO Si Yeon(17) came as 2nd place with 3 wins. Chinese Taipei team with PAI Hsin-Hui(16), CHEN Mei-Fan(14), LIN Ming(20) and Singaporean team with YANG Yating(28), JIANG Yue(20), PEI Jinling(20) resulted in 3rd places.

On the opening ceremony held on November 11th, JEON Dong-pyeong, mayor of Yeongam-gun, CHOI Young-ki, president of Jeonnam Daily News, PARK Jun-young, member of the national assembly, LEE Jae-young, acting governor of Jeollanam-do, JEONG Min-gon, head of Department of Culture, Tour and Sports of Gwangju Metropolitan City, JEONG Jae-jin, vice president of KABA, LEE Man-gu, president of Jeollanam-do Baduk Association, CHOI Young-hwa, president of Yeongam Baduk Association, LEE Ha-nam, member of Yeongam council, LIM Cheol-ho, permanent vice president of Yeongam Sports Council, KANG Dae-seon, vice president of Yeongam Sports Council and other esteemed guests attended the event.

"I have been hoping for a Baduk tournament dedicated for female players for a long time, and thanks to Jeonnam Daily News' for hosting the event, I was able to spread the word through Asian Go Federation to each Asian countries and territories, enabling many female players to visit Korea." KIM Hyang-hee, board member of KABA continued. "I posted the opening ceremony on Facebook, and have been getting a lot of heated responds from many countries with posts of participating players' pictures."

Prior to the ceremony, Arisol Childrens Korean Traditional Music Team, which has also been invited to Edinburgh Festival Fringe, presented a performance. Around 20 children members of the team received a big applause after performing Saja Noreum, Chaesang Drums and more. As an opening event, honored guests personally placed stones on a giant sized Baduk board.

Interview: Champion of Individual Tournament – LI Xuemeng from China

"I had many tough opponents, but I am glad that I won in the end."

"I feel very happy that I won the tournament although I had many tough opponents."

LI Xuemeng(16, 6D) fell in love with Baduk when she was 4 years old, after following her father to a Baduk academy near her home.

LI mentioned, "My parents were busy with running a business, so I had a lot of time by myself. That's when I came even closer to Baduk, and I studied it day and night."

There was not as enough time to practice after LI started school, but she prepared for the tournament using every minute she had. Most teenagers her age favors television or games, but Baduk is LI's favorite.

"I think I could win because I practiced Baduk all day except when I slept or ate." LI said. Her goal is to become a world renowned professional Baduk player, and she wants to resemble KE Jie's aggressive style. "It was tiring to travel all the way to Yeongam, but Korea seems like very beautiful place." LI continued, "If I get another chance in the next edition, I would like to play against Japan or Chinese Taipei as well since I didn't get to play them this time."

Interview: Champions of Team Tournament – CHU Keer, ZHAO Yao, CHEN Si from China

"We had a hard time playing against Korean team's strong spirits."

"It was our goal to win, but it feels very thrilling and happy to actually win the tournament."
Winner of the team tournament in the 1st Asian Female Baduk Tournament, CHU Keer, ZHAO Yao and CHEN Si from Chinese team have met each other in a local Baduk academy, and have been growing friendship and Baduk skill together ever since.

Their goal was to win the tournament especially since it's the first edition, but they had a hard time finding enough time to practice since they are students, according to their explanation.

Korean team was their biggest obstacle. They have been scoring continuous wins from the beginning, but had to struggle against the Korean team due to their strong spirits.

CHEN Si explained, "I could delve into my opponent's mistake in the middle of the game, which resulted in my victory." CHEN continued, "All our members has a different style, and I think we could win because we utilized each of our strength in the games."

CHU Keer said, "I have always imagined myself winning a Baduk tournament, and that dream actually came true for the first time." CHU continued, "I'll work hard on becoming a professional Baduk player to live up to my parents' expectations."

ZHAO Yao said, "My goal is to enter a good university, but I'm not going to stop playing Baduk even then." ZHAO continued, "I want to attend many international Baduk tournaments, so I can make friends from all over the world whom I can communicate through playing Baduk."

The team added at the end, "Thanks to Jeonnam Daily News who hosted such a wonderful event, and we will have a happy trip back to China since we won."

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