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PARK Junghwan stops FAN Tingyu winning streak at 7

chae YG / 2018-11-28

Busan, South Korea -  FAN Tingyu 9P was unable to find his rhythm, seeing its seven-match win streak end in Nongshim Cup game 9


The current winning streak record holder, FAN Tingyu 9P ended after 7 wins when he lost to PARK Jung-hwan 9P on Tuesday.

"I tried not to get overpowered by his fighting spirit", "I really don't want my country to be knocked out in 2nd round" PARK said.


FAN had a strong opening and held a lead until a mistake in the middle-game. From the outset, PARK went for territory, so naturally FAN built both thickness, the major part of the game consisted of the ko fight in the end. The game was very close. However, FAN made a mistake in the endgame letting Black set up a ko that White didn't have enough ko threats to win. This decided the game, with Black winning by resign.


The Nongshim is a team event between China, Japan and Korea, which uses a win-and-continue format between 5-member teams. The first players of each team play each other and continue playing until defeated, when the second player then takes over and so on, until a team is out of players. S.Korea has dominated this event, winning it 12 times, while China has won 6 times and Japan just once.


¡Þ Match Results








Match 1

SHIBANO Toramaru 7P

AHN Kuk-hyun 8P


Match 2

FAN Tingyu 9P

SHIBANO Toramaru 7P


Match 3

FAN Tingyu 9P

SHIN Min-jun 9P


Match 4

FAN Tingyu 9P




Match 5

FAN Tingyu 9P

CHOI Chul-han 9P


Match 6

FAN Tingyu 9P

HSU Chia-yuan 8P


Match 7

FAN Tingyu 9P

LEE Se-dol 9P


Match 8

FAN Tingyu 9P



Match 9

PARK Jung-hwan 9P

FAN Tingyu 9P


¡Þ Representative players  
South Korea: AHN Kuk-hyun 8P, SHIN Min-jun 9P, CHOI Chul-han 9P, LEE Se-dol 9P, PARK Jung-hwan 9P
China: FAN Tingyu 9P, DANG Yifei 9P, GU Zihao 9P, SHI Yue 9P, KE Jie 9P
Japan: SHIBANO Toramaru 7P, KATSUYA Motoki 8P, HSU Chia-yuan 8P, ICHIRIKI Ryo 8P, IYAMA Yuta 9P


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