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BYUN Sangil wins KB Baduk League MVP Award

chae YG / 2018-12-18

Seoul, South Korea    BYUN 9P of POSCO Chemtech was named the KB Baduk League Most Valuable Player on Friday 14th, adding an appropriate finishing touch to a great year for a team that won championship.

He finished regular season with 10 wins and 4 loses, and 2 wins in postseason including a victory versus SHIN Jinseo 9P that decided the championship.

BYUN received 44.06% votes from the press and online voting, received a trophy and 10 million won.

"I did not expect anything, It should be given to our teammate SHIN Jinseo 9P or NA Hyun 9P", "I am so grateful to have this award", "I will try to put more effort next season" "Best wishes to everyone!" BYUN said with quivering voice.

His teammate, NA Hyun 9P earned excellence award and 5 million won by receiving 61.93% votes from the press and online voting. NA finished the regular season with 11 wins and 3 loses and 2 wins in postseason.

PARK Hamin 4P received KB Baduk league rookie of the year award. He finished regular season with 7 wins and 7 loses, showing his impact in various wins from the top-rankers, Park Junghwan 9P, KIm Jiseok 9P, LEE Sedol 9P. He earned a trophy and

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