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KE Jie, A return to top place in a month

BeomJune Kim / 2019-01-31

▲ KE Jie, A return to top place in a month KE Jie who went down to No. 2 in November after winning No. 1 in China for 37 consecutive months returned to No. 1 in December.

KE Jie said, "the top is where we are being chased, and second place is not bad either", but it would not be too bad to go back to the top.

KE Jie, who had been pushed down to No. 2 by MI Yuting 9P who is one year older, has returned to No. 1 in a month.
The Chinese ranking announced that KE Jie got seven points and MI Yuting lost 17 points then now KE Jie has 2707 points and MI Yuting has 2698 points on Dec 1. In the third round of the Samsung Cup starting from Dec 3, KE Jie will play with AHN Kukhyun in China.

KE Jie missed the championship twice in a row by winning second place in TWT Cup on November 20 and Nanga Cup on December 1. The difference in ranking with MI Yuting is only nine points. Although it was once, it is significant that KE Jie once moved to No. 2. it remains to be seen whether KE Jie will keep his first place in the future.
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