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KIM Hyemin, Selected as a Korea Representative in the Wu Chingyuan(Go Seigen) Cup

Participation as a Korea Representative with KIM Cheayoung, CHOI Jeong, OH Yujin, OH Jeonga, CHO Seungah in the main round on March

Jhang Ho-Jung / 2019-03-11

▲ KIM Hyemin

KIM Hyemin 8P participated as a Korea Representative in the 2nd Wu Chingyuan (Go Seigen) Cup.

In the domestic selection match final of the 2nd Wu Chingyuan,  KIM Hyemin 8P  won KIM Dayoung 3P by resignation. She captured KIM's big group and won it.

High rank 5 players(KIM Hyemin, KIM Cheayoung, CHOI Jeong, OH Yujin, OH Jeonga, CHO Seungah) and a regular team 1 player(KIM Miri) attended in Selection match which was held in KBA. Komi was 7.5 points.

Main match include 24 players from Korea, China, Chinese  Taipei, Europe, North America. From April 26th to May 1st, will play until the quarterfinals and the semifinal. And final match will be held in late November in Fuzhou, China.


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