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PARK Junghwan, Challenge to be 'World Baduk Championship' champion

Returned matchmaker YOO Changhyuk, back to the world stage in three and half years

Jhang Ho-Jung / 2019-03-13

▲ 2th competition award ceremony, Park Junghwan 9P who got a trophy

PARK Junghwan 9P seeks to be a champion for World Baduk Championship again.

'World Baduk Championshiop 2019' will be held at Nihon Ki-in in Tokyo from 18th to 20th. Korea Players - 'Defending champion' PARK Junghwan 9P, YOO Changhyuk 9P, SHIN Jinseo 9P will attend the competition. Japanese players - IYAMA Yuta 9P, CHO U 9P. Chinese players - KE Jie 9P, JIANG Weijie 9P, LiAO Yuanhe 7P will attend and play games for a trophy.


PARK Junghwan 9P succeeded to be winner for two times by defeating against KE Jie 9P and IYAMA Yuta 9P. It's a great concern whether 'Defending Champion' PARK Junghwan 9P can get a win for three times. 


It is also big interesting thing whether YOO Changhyuk 9P who comes back to world competition in three and half years can do well. YOO Changhyuk 9P is getting good results recording 11 wins and 2 losses(84.62%) this year. YOO, one of the most famous Baduk players in the world, successfully advanced to the main rounds of the 'World Baduk Championship' by defeating against YUKI Satoshi 9P.


In addition, SHIN Jinseo 9P and KE Jie 9P, IYAMA Yuta 9P is seeking for a trophy. Before the first round on the 18th,  the eve for the event will be held at the New Ottani Hotel in Tokyo from 6 PM. on the 17th.


For the event of World Baduk Championship, including Korea(KIM Cheayoung 5P, Dolbaram(AI)), China(RUI Naiwei 9P, Golaxy(AI)), Japan(Mannami Nao, AQ(AI)), Taiwan(YANG Zixuan 2P, CGI(AI)) will participate in pair Baduk. Women players team up with AI will play each other. The pair Baduk event will be held from 11 AM to 3 PM on March 17th.

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