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Kim Jiseok, Try to the first Champ in YongSung Cup with Korea, China, Japan

Contend for victory with Ke Jie and Ichiriki Ryo

Jhang Ho-Jung / 2019-04-03

▲ Kim Jiseok, Ke Jie, Ichiriki Ryo

Kim Jiseok 9P is going to try to be the first champ in YongSung Cup.


1st YongSung Cup is going to be held at YongSung studio in Japan from 11th to 13th.


In this event, Kim Jiseok 9p, Korea representative, is attending as a domestic champion and match with Ke Jie 9P and Ichiriki Ryo 8P.


Kim Jiseok 9P's Record against Ke Jie 9P is 6 wins and 4 losses and he is leading 1 win against Ichiriki Ryo 8P. So, He raises people's expectation.


Especially, Kim Jieseok 9P won Ke Jie 9P in the final of Nong Shim Cup and gave trophy to korea and left a strong impression.


Kim Jiseok 9P said, "it's also a burden for me to be a representative who has to fight strong players. i will do my best and show a good figure."




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