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Lee-Sedol, publishes NFT

Lee, Semi / 2021-05-12

Lee-Sedol has published the NFT (Non Fungible Token) having a hope for baduk to be regarded as an art. 

Lee-Sedol has published the fourth game against Alphago as the NFT.
He said in the interview "people who don't know about baduk won't understand it as an art, but looking at the gibo, they can feel the players' thinking, emotion as well as the environment.  In that way, baduk can be undertstood as an art".  

Lee-Sedol is a world class professional baduk player, who had been active from 1995 to 2019. (for 25 years)

He continued, "I've played so many games in 25 years, and I guarantee that the games against alphago are the most representative ones".  I thought it would be meaningful to record the game I won, so I chose to publish the fourth game". 

NFT is the unique format that doesn't allow the digital file ownership's falsification or forge, centralized block chain. 

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