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KBF’s president “Seo-Hyosuk” - “It’s much more effective for the children to learn baduk than playing computer ga

Lee, Semi / 2022-03-17

Recently elected KBF’s president “Seo-Hyosuk”(oriental doctor) will be inaugurated on March 26th as the official president of KBF. 


President Seo said “there are politeness, epigyny, and patience in baduk, so I highly recommend it to the young children for their mental and physical health.  Baduk can be a much better hobby for the children than violent computer games”. 


Following that, he hosted the world baduk competition for the last 7 years, Korea-China-Japan. 


There are 4 reasons why the president Seo is hosting the world baduk competition.  First, stabilizing the human’s mental health, second, contributing to the world peace, third, reverting the pyeongang oriental clinic’s profit to the society, and fourth, the president Seo is a big fan of baduk (level: 6D)

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WBaduk Ranking
WBaduk Ranking
1 chj0903 7D★ RP : 187,715
2 j6846 7D★ RP : 35,950
3 jyc123 7D★ RP : 35,950
4 ningjian98 7D★ RP : 35,950
5 dadalao 7D★ RP : 35,950
6 fiekdikwe 7D★ RP : 35,950
7 csnow 7D★ RP : 35,950
8 natal 7D★ RP : 35,950
9 leia1919 7D★ RP : 35,939
10 ys0820 7D★ RP : 35,438
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