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President Seo “We will recover the popularity of baduk fans by making it as 13 lines”

Lee, Semi / 2022-03-21

According to the KBF’s estimation, the current number of baduk fans is around 7 million.  This record, compared to the previous number of baduk fans, (15 million) is pretty dull.  President Seo said, “this is because of the appearance of easy and stimulus computer games”. 

Therefore, president is trying to create ‘easy 13-lines baduk’.  He said “13-lines baduk is much easier than the original one (19-lines baduk).  13-lines baduk can be played 5 times in an hour”. 


The main target is the children.  President Seo said “we will try our best to promote 13-lines baduk to the schools.  If it gets adopted as the official subject at school, it won’t be a difficult task to increase baduk
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WBaduk Ranking
WBaduk Ranking
1 kkongjee 7D★ RP : 301,100
2 chj0903 7D★ RP : 187,715
3 rudgid123 7D★ RP : 35,950
4 j6846 7D★ RP : 35,950
5 kbslsh 7D★ RP : 35,950
6 csnow 7D★ RP : 35,950
7 ningjian98 7D★ RP : 35,950
8 dadalao 7D★ RP : 35,950
9 dsxr 7D★ RP : 35,950
10 fiekdikwe 7D★ RP : 35,950
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