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Jin-Seo Shin and Ji-seok Kim advances to the round of 16 of Samsung Fire Insurance Cup (SFIC)

Lee, Semi / 2022-11-01

Korea's No.1 professional player, Jin-seo Shin (9P) won the first game of the round of 32 of the SFIC finals, signaling a smooth start to his first championship for the competition.
On the 27th, in the first day of the round of 32, of the 2022 SFIC finals which was held online at each venue in Korea, China, Japan, and Chinese Taipei.
Mr. Shin and Ji-seok Kim (9P) beat China's player, Mi YuTing (9P) and Zhao Chenyu (9P) respectively.

Mr. Shin won the game by the resignation of Mr. Mi who is ranked 6th in China after 180 moves.
He had a crisis during the middlegame but caught the mistake (Black 143 move) by Mr. Mi and scored the finish line with a clean end.
Jin-seo Shin, who finished second at SFIC for the two consecutive years, now challenges to win the first championship. 

Ji-seok Kim (9P) won a dramatic come-from-behind victory over Jiao Chun-Yu (9P).
Although Mr. Kim fell behind until the endgame, he could win the game by 1/2 point by showing great fortitude and advanced to the round of 16.  

In the first match of round 32 in the finals, Korea recorded two twins and three losses against China, two losses against Japan, and one loss against Chinese Taipei.

The 2022 SFIC, which is sponsored by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. and hosted by the JoongAng Ilbo has a winning prize of 300 million won and a runner-up prize of 100 million won.

The time limit is 2 hours as an initial allotted time for each player and 1 minute as an overtime period for five times.

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