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The first Areum Baduk Competition held

Lee, Semi / 2022-11-14

The first competition of the special education program, "Areum Baduk" for the developmental disabled, which utilizes the educational benefits of Baduk, was held at the Holt Gangdong Welfare Center on the 12th.
The competition was attended by 50 participants from six institutions and 19 professional Baduk players.

Ms. Mi-sook Shin, head of the center, said in a welcoming speech, "I am really pleased to hold the Areum Baduk Competition here," adding, "I hope it will expand into a culture that many people with developmental disabilities can enjoy, and today's competition will be an opportunity to open it. I wish you could show your performance to the fullest and achieve good results."

The competition was divided into an individual and a four-member team competition. As a result, Goyang Disabled Welfare Center won the first place in the individual competition, and Team A of the Seoul Social Adaptation Support Center for the developmental disabled won the team competition.

Areum Baduk is designed for the people with developmental disabilities. 
The basic principles of Baduk were developed to preserve as much as possible, but to enjoy it easily by elimination difficult rules.
It is designed to maximize visual effects by using numbers and scoreboards that are not in general Baduk, and to suit the learning method of people with developmental disabilities by using magnets and color contrast.

The Korea Baduk Association (KBA) runs Baduk classes for six welfare centers nationwide for the developmentally disabled, and each center sends graduates of Baduk education courses for the developmentally disabled to provide education.

The 2022 Areum Baduk competition for the developmental disabled was hosted by Areum Baduk Co., Ltd. and Holt Gangdong Welfare Center, organized by Handbrane Social Cooperative, and sponsored by the KBA and the Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency.  

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