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'15-year-old girl' Eun-ji Kim breaks the record for the most wins in a year

Lee, Semi / 2023-01-02

Eun-ji Kim, a 15-year-old super rookie, broke the record for the most wins of the year.
In the first game of the 2022 Dr. G women's best player's final match, Eun-ji Kim (5P) won the 94th victory this year with a win by resignation against Seo-hyun Heo (3P) in 187 moves.

Eun-ji Kim, who totally recorded 143 wins (89 losses) since becoming the professional player in January 2020, has won 94 wins (45 losses) this year, which is 65.73% of her career wins. 
The previous record of 93 wins (29 losses) which was recorded by Jin-seok Mok (9P), was broken by her in 15 years.
She showed an explosive growth, breaking the records of her seniors one by one in 3 years after becoming the professional player.

She recorded 76 wins and 18 losses against female players while 18 wins and 27 losses against male players this year.
During the period, she acquired the qualification of national representative player in order to go to the Hangzhou Asian Games, and became the champion of the Hyorimbae Future Queen's Strongest and Nansolheonbae in a row, showing off the aspect of the Baduk queen for the next generation.

Eun-ji Kim, who recorded the most wins of the year, said, "I could not realize that I broke the record until the game. I heard and found out it during the interview after the game. It is my great pleasure to set a meaningful record, and I will do my best to fight myself to break my record once again in the future."
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