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A 10-year-old genius boy who would excite the world of Baduk (Go)

Lee, Semi / 2023-02-10

If you are interested in who will lead Korean Baduk in the future, it would be better to remember the name, 'Hyeon-woo Pyo', born in 2013.

He won his first championship when he was in kindergarten at the age of six after nine months of learning Baduk. There are already six big and small championship cups for four years.

There was a happening to prove his strength. When he won the championship in 2021 Sunday Newspaper Cup, an online tournament, the opponent who lost to him said "A 2nd elementary school student cannot be this strong. The headquarter should investigate him as he seems like using a cheating program." According to the regulations, the video clip of the match was shown to the public and the appeal was taken down.

Since childhood, he has been interested in board games such as chess, Jangji (Korean chess), and Baduk. Many prestigious Dojang (Korean Baduk academy) has their eyes on him to secure.

As there is no Dojang belonging by him, there is no teacher for him. All he could do is to play Baduk on the internet at home, review the game through AI program, and solve life&death questions. Still, he has been 8 Dan on the Tygem server, even been 9 Dan for a while.

In 2022, he succeeded in entering 'Yeongusaeng' (Korean Baduk institution for the players aiming at being pros). Hee-sung Lee (9D), his Yeongusaeng teacher, said "He has a fierce aiming based on deep and accurate thinking as well as calmness." 

Min-jun Shin (9D) who had been the world champion said similarly, "In a word, he is the type of genius. Even at a young age, the foundation is strong with calmness. If I have to classify him, he is a similar type to Jung-hwan Park (9D)."

Moreover, he is more competitive than anyone else. One day, when he lost the final, he wailed loudly and rolled don the floor, embarrassing people around him. He never forgets the name of opponent who beat him to 'revenge'.

The Baduk world hopes that Hyeon-woo Pyo will achieve the long-awaited celebration of joining the professional club at the age of elementary school student. The people who entered Yeongusaeng at the elementarya age are considerably rare, which could be counted with one hand.

'Baduk is the most interesting thing in the world for me. I will become a professional Baduk player and No.1 in the world someday." With a 10-year-old genius boy, the New Year's morning in the Baduk world is full of hope.
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