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Jin-seo SHIN finished Nongshim Cup with 10 consecutive wins

Korea wins the championship three years running

Lee, Semi / 2023-02-28

Jin-seo SHIN 9P(23), the undisputed No. 1 Baduk (Go) player in the world, led the team to win Nongshim Cup for the third consecutive year.

In the final match of the 24th Nongshim Shinramyun Cup, which was held online, he won by resignation against China's last player, Gu Zihao 9P(25) in 200 moves.

As a result, Korea won Nongshim Cup, a national competition, for the third consecutive year.

Jin-seo SHIN, who had White on the day, had a tight balance in the early phase, but when Black jumped into the left-side White territory in the middle phase, he fired a fierce attack and took the lead.

After the lead was taken by Mr. Shin, Gu Zihao tried to catch any chance by aiming for White on the right and bottom side, but Mr. Shin did never allow any chase by the end of the match and got the opponent surrender.

After the final match, Mr. Shin said, "It was difficult because there was a change that I did not know well came out in the opening, and I think there was a chance for Mr. Gu Zihao during the battle in the middle phase," adding, "I felt that he missed the chance and there was no special crisis to turn my lead."

He also said, "This year, I was able to win the championship because my senior players did well prior to my match," adding, "I am really glad to work together to win the championship."

With the win, Mr. Shin has established himself as the Korean Baduk guardian by winning 10 games in Nongshim Cup. 

Earlier, he led Korea to champion with five consecutive wins in the 22nd tournament and four consecutive finishing wins in the 23rd.

The record for the most consecutive wins in Nongshim Cup history is 14 consecutive wins set by Chang-ho LEE 9P who led Korea to win the 1st to 6th consecutive championships.

Korea, which won Nongshim Cup for the third consecutive year, won its 15th career championship.

China won 8 times, and Japan won one time in Nongshim Cup.

For Nongshim Cup, which is partcipated by five players from three countries: Korea, China, and Japan, each player will play until his/her lose, and be eliminated when losing a game. 

The prize for the championship is 500 million won (about $380,000). 

The time limit for the tournament is one-hour main time and one-minute overtime period for each player.

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