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Korea Baduk Federation Signs MOU with Korean Senior Citizen Association to Prevent Dementia

Lee, Semi / 2023-04-11

Korea Baduk Federation (KBF) and Korean Senior Citizen Association (KSCA) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to prevent dementia.
It includes establishment of a cooperative system between the two groups to prevent dementia through Go, and cooperation for the mutual development of the elderly welfare and Go industry, as well as sharing infrastructure related to Go and have human interchange.

In particular, the groups have joined hands to improve the quality of life and promote mutual development by efficiently promoting necessary works to prevent dementia and to lead mental health of the elderly.

Ho-il Kim, chairman of KSCA, said, "On behalf of 10 million elderly people, I would like to appreciate KBF for its efforts to prevent dementia.", adding, "The 13-line Go, which has been promoted by KBF, will play a big role in the distribution of Go for the elderly because it does not require much time to play as well as easiness to learn."

Hyo-seok Seo, president of KBF, said, "In Korea, dementia currently costs hundreds of billions of KRW annually. It can be solved through Go. KBF has been striving to distribute Go to the elderly with the slogan, 'Let's learn Go at 60, and prevent dementia at 70.' KBF would focus more on the Go distribution project for the elderly in the future.'
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