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Baduk has spread in India with the cooperation of AIGP and KBF

Ongoing Interchange between two Baduk organizations for Baduk spread

Lee, Semi / 2023-05-08

Korea Baduk Federation (KBF) hosts and organizes the "Korea Prime Minister Cup International Baduk Championship (KPMC)", a traditional and international Baduk (Go) championship every year, which around 50 ~ 60 countries national players usually participate.
In addition, KBF holds the "Asia Baduk Federation (AGF) International General Assembly" during the timeframe every year in order to discuss the ways to globalize Baduk along with its development in Asia and other regions.

The relationship between the Association of Indian Go Players (AIGP), which was officially established in April last year, and KBF, has been built with the KPMC.
AIGP participated in the 17th KPMC last year to promote smooth interchange between each organization, and Karan Rawat, chairman of AIGP, participated in the AGF General Assembly with his companion, Shashwat Chandra.
At the assembly, he expressed his ambition to develop the Indian Baduk community quickly through continuous interchange with KBF and asked for its active cooperation and support for India.

Both associations have continued to exchange each other since then, and this year, AIGP actively requested marketing supports from KBF for the successful Indian Baduk competition.
In response to this request, KBF would forward AIGP an opportunity to discuss in-depth ways to support Indian Baduk community and get recognized as an official organization by International Go Federation during the 18th KPMC, which would be held in Gwangju this year, as well as uploading international news about AIGP on the KBF webpage.

This year, AIGP hosted Indian first open Go Tournament on February 18 and 19, and it ended successfully.
Held in Phoenix Market city in Mumbai, the tournament made participants pleased by offering workshops for beginners and more than 200 different board games for the participants who do not know Baduk.

At the workshop on the 18th, Soumya Kundu, one of India's most outstanding Baduk players, gave lessons for beginners, and on the 19th, a total of four rounds of tournament were held.
AIGP successfully completed such a huge tournament with an estimated 15,000 participants, showing flexible management like installing a Baduk watch application on their mobile phones.

Meanwhile a professional player Yeon-woo CHO, who is active as a popular Baduk Youtuber (Pro Yeon-woo), also made efforts to globalize Baduk by visiting India to interact with the sprouts of Indian Baduk, transferring the know-how of Korean Baduk, the strongest country of Baduk, raising its status and contributing to the development of the Indian Baduk circle.
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