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KBF received the official invitation of the Issyk Kul Cup International Competition from KGF

Lee, Semi / 2023-05-22

On April 13, Korea Baduk Federation (KBF) received an official invitation from the Krygystan Go Federation (KGF) for its international Baduk (Go) competition, 'Issyk Kul' Cup to be held in Kyrgyzstan from July 3 to 6 this year.

KGF has long been interested in Korean Baduk community, which has been recognized as one of the strongest Baduk countries. It promotes a continuous interchange with KBF and in return, KBF held a 10:10 online friendly match for interchange between both countries' Baduk players on August 6 last year.

With the built relationship, KGF officially forwarded an invitation to KBF to strengthen the relationship and hope that many Korean Baduk players would be interested and participate in the competition.

Last fall, Kyrgyzstan hosted its first national Go championship and the number of active Go players in the country interested significantly from 200 to 450. Also, KBF has been cooperation with KGF by promoting interchange matches to make Baduk a worldwidely popular sport in both countries, especially Kyrgyzstan.

Issyk Kul Cup is held at the Ololoakjol resort placed near the Issyk Kul lake, which is a mountain lake called the pearl of Kyrgyzstan. Participants would be able to enjoy various programs such as swimming,cultural experience events, and tourism to feel local nature as well as the Baduk competition.

KGF president, Davron Yuldashev said, "During the competition, participants could exchange their cultures and experiences with each other and feel the spirit of Eastern culture in Central Asia and the affluent natural beauty of Kyrgyzstan.

KBF has been also considering to support it in a variety of ways such as promoting the participation of Korean Baduk players through active promotion of the competition on its homepage and sending its members.

More information on the competition could be found on the website below, and participation applications are also available. 

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