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The 43rd WAGC champion from Korean representative player, Jeong-seon KIM

Lee, Semi / 2024-01-03

Jeong-seon KIM, who represented Korea at the 43rd World Amateur Go Championship (WAGC) held in Shenzehn, China from December 14th to 20th in 2023, won the title with a seven-round victory without any loss.

Like Korea Prime Minister Cup International Baduk Championship hosted annually by Korea Baduk Federation (KBF), WAGC is an international Go competition in which one representative player from each country participates.
It has been hosted by International Go Federation (IGF) and the host country around the world.

Totally 46 countries participated in the 43rd WAGC and Swiss Pairing System was applied in this WAGC with a total of 7 rounds. 
Every player was given 60 minutes followed by 3 renewable 30-second overtime periods.

Mr. KIM won against Kazakhstan, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Chinese Taipei, Japan, and the United States, becoming the only player to have seven wins without a loss.
The runner-up was China and the 3rd place was Chinese Taipei.

Meanwhile, KBF supports full airfare for the Korean representative for the WAGCs and its qualification is given to the winner of the strongest division in the Presidential Cup National Baduk Competition held in Korea.

Mr. Kim, the champion of the 2022 Presidential Cup, participated as a Korean representative player of WAGC this year, and won 2023 Presidential Cup again, qualifying for next WAGC, too.

With great performance in several competitions such as the champion of 2022 KPMC and 2023 WAGC, he was awarded the best male player at 2023 KBF Baduk Player Awards.
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